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We offer different associations that vary in terms of the number of homes, square meters and the number of owners, who join forces for the investment. There are also different combinations of countries and cities.

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At MyHomes, we offer different types of associations that vary in terms of the number of homes, square meters and the number of owners that join in for the investment. And there are also differences in which countries, we invest in for the owners. Common to all associations is MyHomes basic approach to quality, comfort and luxury.

When choosing an association, there are a number of questions that are good to ask yourself before deciding. Is the family big or small? Are the children toddlers, older or maybe in the process of expanding the family with grandchildren? Is the circle of friends more than ready to jump on a quick trip, or will you often just go to relax, alone or with your better half? Perhaps you take work with you and have peace and quiet in a lovely setting?


In this type of association, you and 28 other families become the owners of five luxury homes in the most beautiful places in Europe. The homes are always well-located and offer plenty of experiences right outside the front door. In the best calibre, whether you want beach, city, shopping, sports or relaxation, culture or nature.

The Comfort association comprises beautiful homes with plenty of exquisite details. This size of the association is, as a basis, suitable for singles or couples, for example, who wish to use the homes themselves and perhaps together with their closest family or friends.

There are always a minimum of six beds in the apartments with two separate bedrooms and extra bed options, e.g. a sofa bed in the living room. The houses have beds for eight to ten people, with at least three separate bedrooms and extra bed options as well.

This type of association is a further development of Comfort, where you own five homes in Europe together with 28 other families. The association is composed in such a way that you get a holiday cottage in Denmark and four homes down south, where you are guaranteed good weather all year round. The locations are hand-picked and offer a wealth of holiday options, where your dog is also welcome.

Consequently, Comfort+ is aimed at families who prefer luxury homes both in Denmark and abroad with the opportunity to bring their dogs.

In the Premium association, we go up one level. Both in terms of price and size. It is the same number of owners, namely 29, who share the delights. Here, we invest in five fully furnished, top class luxury homes. For all associations, we generally look for selected locations, with houses and apartments in attractive areas that must offer something very special.

Premium has plenty of space. With plenty of square meters, eight people will feel comfortable in the apartments, and ten people only take up a small amount of space in the houses. There are beds for everyone, but the number of separate bedrooms may vary from home to home.

With Quantus, we offer the ultimate exclusivity in the form of freedom to stay in the homes. With just 16 owners in the association who share the investment of four luxury homes, you can enjoy an average of 13 weeks stay per year. And with plenty of flexibility in the holiday calendar up to 28 weeks. So if you are focused on being able to book stays impulsively and have plenty of opportunities in your calendar, you simply cannot find a better product on the market.

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Finn Christensen, CEO & founder See our associations