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Mallorca, Spain
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Imagine living on Mallorca

Spain’s largest island is worth a visit all year round and offers everything from challenging bike rides to relaxation on the island’s lovely beaches.

Here’s how it works

The pearl of the Balaeric islands

Mallorca is a well-known holiday classic among Danish and European tourists and not without reason. Spain’s largest island offers something for everyone. Whether you’re into big cities and shopping, beaches and sunshine, or an active holiday, you will no doubt feel at ease on Mallorca.

Although Mallorca is fantastic in the summer and many associate the island with summer holidays, it is particularly popular among cycling, golf and hiking enthusiasts in the off-season, where conditions for these sports are optimal due to the milder temperatures. Mallorca’s manageable size makes it easy to travel around the island. From the capital city, Palma, you can reach virtually all of the island’s towns within an hour by car, yet you will find that the surroundings will vary from long sandy beaches in the north and south, to the urban feeling in Palma and beyond to beautiful nature, charming small harbour towns and rocky bays of crystal clear water on the islands east and west coast.

Last but not least, the food on Mallorca is an important aspect to highlight. Mallorcan cuisine is inspired by many different countries and cultures, but is especially based on the Spanish and Catalan food culture. Here you can enjoy classics such as paella and gazpacho, and taste Mallorcan specialties such as mallorquin and sobrasada (locally made cheese and sausage).

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Mallorca offers

Beautiful and varied nature

Rocky bays with crystal-clear water

Long sandy beaches

Cosy harbour towns

A wealth of golf courses

Challenging cycle routes

“Do you wish to live on Mallorca?

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