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On scouting in Provence

Finn Christensen
Finn Christensen, CEO & Founder
South of France Provence

I’ve just been on an exciting scouting assignment in Provence with a focus on finding the right locations for MH15 Quantus and upcoming associations. Read about our considerations and experiences when exploring a new location.

It’s always extra exciting when we take on a new location, and now we’re on the lookout for a property that we can transform into a beautiful, spacious provençal dream home with its own pool and beautiful outdoor areas.

The South of France has so far been represented in MyHomes by the exclusive little gem Villefranche-sur-Mer on the Côte d’Azur, which has become a classic among our locations. When we now turn our attention to Provence, it’s because we in the Quantus association want to offer homes with extra space and privacy.

Provence is the combination of style, untamed surroundings and peaceful evenings bathed in stunning light
Finn Christensen
CEO & Founder

In Provence, the pace is slowed down and the region is not characterised by the same ‘hectic’ life you experience on the Côte d’Azur itself. Provence offers unforgettable nature in the form of beautiful lavender fields and majestic mountains. The region is known for its wild nature and winding mountain roads between picturesque villages, but also for its amasing light, which continues to inspire many artists.

Ramatuelle south of France


As always, we want to stay within a maximum of an hour’s drive from an international airport – in this case Nice International Airport. The search area is therefore narrowed down considerably, which is in line with our endeavour to be as specific as possible in our location information for future owners.

Thus, our preferred area in Provence is relatively small and is limited to the string of cosy towns on the route between Valbonne in the east and Bargemon in the west, which includes the cosy and sought-after towns of Montauroux, Fayence and Seillans. Each small town with its own distinctive character and charming neighbourhood that offers Provencal relaxation. And above all, quite often with locations that offer breathtaking views of the mountainous terrain and beautiful lakes.

As always, we go with our gut instinct when it comes to cosiness, atmosphere and authenticity. There’s a real sense of touch and time invested in living life with the locals before decisions are made.

The market isn’t quite as overheated as we’re used to from Villefranche-sur-Mer, but it keeps up well. We made our way through 11 properties, all but one of which offer opportunities that can be realised through creative planning and hard work.


But in fact, the trip itself was not intended to identify a specific property, but rather areas and locations in Provence. In doing so, we learnt a lot and are very excited to be able to offer homes in true Provencal style in the right locations.

As always, the property itself comes second, and a wide range of criteria are checked first, such as accessibility, angle to the sun, the height of the site and therefore the view, the neighbouring site, road noise, etc. Once a proper floor plan is created, our skilled architects and interior design team will realise the potential.

South of France villa pool

You can look forward to seeing pictures from the actual project and follow the development over time. The French are sure to realise that MyHomes has come to Provence.

Do you also want a home in Provence?

Finn Christensen, CEO & Founder Read about MH15 Quantus here