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The concept

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The dream was born on the back of a napkin

The first cornerstones of MyHomes were laid back in 2015. After many years as a top executive in organisations like IBM and Mærsk, founder and initiator Finn Christensen, was at a point in his life where he wanted to create his own company together with other enthusiasts.

Finn has always been fascinated by travelling and experiencing local life unfolding elsewhere in the world. As he is also a lifestyle enthusiast with flair for homes and interior design, the idea for MyHomes came from a desire to combine special travel experiences with convenience and common sense.

Thus, it became a mission to give far more Danes the opportunity to own attractive holiday homes both in Denmark and abroad.

The first conceptual ideas for MyHomes were written down on the back of a napkin in the basement of Lagkagehuset on Hellerup Strandvej, and after months of preparation we were ready to go live with the first version of the website under the name in September 2016.

The starting point was that the homes had to be located in top-shelf locations and at the same time be great personal favourites. It took about a year to establish the first association, MH01 Comfort, and the first 29 owners have since been joined by several hundred owners in various Comfort, Premium and Quantus associations.

We stay “lean” and sharp

Since the beginning, our fundamental philosophy has been to deliver the best product at the best price, based on a scalable organisation with skilled and dedicated employees. So even though we have grown to an organisation of a certain size, we still take great pride in keeping administration to an absolute minimum for the benefit of the owners, while delivering a high level of service in a professional and trustworthy manner.

We are a strong team of enthusiasts who are passionate about our work and have fun doing it. We love to surprise and to outdo ourselves. All as one, we work in a passionate and uncompromising way, and go to great lengths to deliver something out of the ordinary. We tell it like it is. It’s in our DNA to work responsibly and with full transparency in everything we do.

With a sharp eye for detail, we strive to create the best solutions that combine quality, functionality, aesthetics and sound economics. In short, we take pride in delivering a wow experience for MyHomes owners – every time. And we’re known for it.

Our homes must deliver what we promise

We build and develop homes that will last for many years. Our focus is to deliver high quality, functional and aesthetic homes so that you, the owner, can enjoy your investment for the future, worry free. Homes has a major impact on our existence and quality of life, but also leaves a footprint on climate change.

We are very conscious of this, which is why we prioritise preserving buildings and materials rather than building new ones, buying recycled materials and incorporating energy-saving solutions into homes wherever possible. Each home has its own expression, which is well thought out and stylish. The interior design consists of Scandinavian design spiced with quirky and creative elements from the local area.

Our aim is to manage the owners’ investment responsibly, and to continually become better at developing our homes to meet the future needs of the modern homeowner.

Villefranche apartment holiday home terrace dining table ocean view

The horizon is constantly moving

MyHomes is growing. We’re constantly looking to innovate and refine our concept – and strive to spread the word about shared homes. We are curious and like to think of alternative solutions. We want to strengthen our ability to look even further into the horizon, and therefore focus on digitalisation and automation – both for the benefit of MyHomes, and in particular for the owners. In addition, we seek exciting and sustainable collaborative relationships so that we can continue to offer the highest quality homes and services.

The art of doing something different

We are aware that our main focus is to develop and operate MyHomes homes to the full satisfaction of the owners – and preferably more. But we are also a company that likes to surprise and challenge. We are open and outgoing when new opportunities present themselves, and we cultivate and nuture meaningful relationships. That’s why we’re excited about our new collaboration with Martin Asbæk Gallery, where the gallery is lending works to MyHomes homes. The works are carefully selected to match the décor and atmosphere of the different locations. This way, more Danes will have the opportunity to enjoy art in beautiful and homely settings around Europe.